Smart Robotics project brings Industry 4.0 closer to the aeronautical assembly lines


Smart Robotics project brings Industry 4.0 closer to the aeronautical assembly lines

The R&D Smart Robotics Project, headed by Airbus and, where CT is an active member of the consortium, successfully developed flexible and economic solutions for automation.
After three years of research and development, the final tests proved the proper operation of a whole range of heads for anthropomorphic robots, meant to allow the automation and robotization of the processes employed in the aeronautical assembly lines.

CT, the leading engineering company in technological innovation throughout the entire product lifecycle, successfully completed the Smart Robotics R&D project, an ambitious collaboration with Airbus and other major players in aeronautic, as members of the consortium: Altran, Loxin, and Titania with the support of the University of Cadiz Investigation Center and the FADA CATEC Foundation Innovation Center.

The 33-month project, whose budget was 313,646 Euros, the objective was aimed to find flexible, economic automated solutions for the assembly of aeronautical structures made of carbon fiber.  During the final phase of the project, various CT teams from Seville and Puerto Real have worked on the improvement of an industrial head prototype interchangeable by a standard interface. Moreover, they have developed a software able to classify defects using the analysis of images by means of artificial vision and neural networks.  For this reason, we have carried out the system validation through a set of samples and later on, the proof-of-concept test has been developed on real defective pieces, with successful results.

Within the frame of the Industry 4.0 strategy and the automation of future factories, the project approached the development and engineering demonstration of a wide range of heads for anthropomorphic robotic that allows the automation and robotization of the aeronautical assembly lines, including processes such as the drilling of carbon fiber, sealant application, rivets and bolts installation, etc.

With this initiative, CT will enhance its capacities and its already large experience on projects approaching industrial environments adapted to Industry 4.0 and to the future factories, such Plug&Play or TRREX.

About Smart Robotics

The Smart Robotics project is financed by the Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) through “Programa Operativo de Crecimiento Intelegente 2014-2020” and the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, through the Centro para Desarrollo Tecnologico Industrial (CDTI) file number ITC-20161264. CT is a partner of the consortium of companies lead by Airbus, together with Altran, Loxin and Titania, and in collaboration with the University of Cadiz as the Center of Investigation and the FADA CATEC Foundation as Innovation Center.